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All-in-one Cisco TelePresence
MX200 G2 and MX300 G2 group terminals

Compared to the modular SX series, the all-in-one MX group video conferencing systems provide all of the necessary functionality without adding anything. The package includes a display with high quality sound reproduction, a stand, codec, camera, microphone(s) and the easy-to-use 10-inch touch screen. This option is ideal for newly opened or unequipped offices and representative locations provided to visitors on your premises. All devices offer full high-definition capabilities and display on a second screen (typically a television or projector).

The MX200 offers a 42-inch display and the MX300 a 55-inch display. The MX200 has a wider shot and less zoom, making it advantageous for smaller meeting rooms. The other difference is that while the MX200 offers a single microphone, the MX300 offers two, as it is designed for larger meeting spaces. Both choices come with a built-in microphone, avoiding the need for any external mics.

Cisco TelePresence MX 300

Cisco TelePresence SX20 modular group terminal
with camera and 4x or 12x zoom

The SX20 is a modular video conferencing system designed for groups of collaborators in meeting rooms. Thanks to the common interface, it is possible to connect to any display device with HDMI. The SX20 consists of four components. Foremost is the codec, which forms the core of the system, providing all the interfaces for external connection. The camera, with 4x or 12x zoom (the former being the most often utilized option), provides 1080p video output and Full HD transmission at 60 frames per second. It offers electronically controlled recording, tilt (180° horizontally and 25°/15° vertically) and zoom. The other SX20 components are an omnidirectional microphone and the essential remote control component. Most customers replace the traditional control with Touch 10, which provides easier and more transparent work with the system.

In order to carry out video conference calling, it is only necessary to secure the imaging unit with quality sound distribution (typically handled with additional speakers) and to connect a cable to the internet.

Cisco TelePresence SX20

Cisco TelePresence
SX10 group terminal

The SX10 is a less expensive alternative to the SX20. The concept behind the SX10 is to provide the best performance for the best possible price. The result is that the SX10 is perfectly suited for smaller rooms with a single screen.

The SX10 video terminal offers a camera, codec and microphone in an all-in-one system that attaches to an imaging device (a television) equipped with HDMI output. Video conferencing can be handled with the intuitive remote control included in the package or the touch panel.

Compared to the higher performing SX20 line, the SX10 has more limited movement, does not support a second display and has a less sophisticated graphical and user interface. On the upside, the SX10 offers ease of use and far lower energy consumption with the possibility of supply through PoE (12W in the Working mode and 5W in the Standby mode).

Cisco TelePresence SX 10

Other Cisco TelePresence

The devices presented above form the basic product offerings and can be delivered immediately. The product range can be extended with other equipment from the Cisco TelePresence portfolio. Such requirements are dealt with on an individual basis and subject to the approval of authorized personnel.