Communicate with anyone

Registration in our “Video Central” opens up the best and widest ranging possibilities concerning simplicity of use, interoperability and security. Registration is automatic as part of video conferencing system delivery and clients are provided with the full range of 4VIDEO services. If you already have your video conferencing equipment, we offer registration as a separate service.

Service registration brings the following:

  Custom URL

The service provides you with a video address (in the form of name.surname@4VIDEO.cz). The standard choice is the default domain 4VIDEO.cz although it is possible to use your corporate domain as long as video traffic can be directed appropriately.

  No bother

You don't have to concern yourself with potentially bothersome calls; the calls are handled by the internet robot.

  Firewall penetration

When calling through 4VIDEO, it is necessary to allow only a minimal amount of uplink ports on your firewall; incoming ports can remain closed.


With us, you have best options for remote communication. Not only do we supply Cisco products, we can also offer devices from other manufacturers such as Polycom, LifeSize, Avaya/Radvision and others. We ensure communication through URI addresses as well as through public IP addresses.

In situations when outgoing calls cannot be made, we provide 8/5 remote support that helps to pinpoint a solution to the problem.

  FindMe service

With the FindMe service, you call users, not their devices. Users with multiple video terminals/SW clients can choose where to accept incoming calls.

Communicate with anyone

Multipoint conferencing
from 4 to 12 participants; Full HD

Another strong point of the video conferencing solution is that it can easily connect individuals as well as entire teams. Our portfolio offers the most advanced version of the MCU (Multipoint Control Unit) solutions, the Cisco TelePresence Server.

The customer procures a video conferencing room to which partners and clients can be invited at any time during the servicing period. The duration of active conferencing service is not limited. We offer multipoint conferencing in many forms in terms of quality and capacity.

The advantages:

  Individual transcoding

Individual video quality settings according to the capabilities of each connected party

  Active presence

Full-size display of the current conference speaker; the other participants remain visible in smaller frames at the bottom of the screen.

  The conference room remains visible at all times
Multipoint conferencing

Interconnecting Cisco TelePresence and Cisco WebEx

Along with video conferencing, we also offer the Cisco WebEx conferencing service. This tool stands out for its availability, ease of access and the number of participants it can accommodate. By interconnecting Cisco TelePresence and Cisco WebEx, the customer gets the best of both worlds. Our unique integration enables video conferencing participants to see everything that is going on at the WebEx meeting and vice versa. Integration with Cisco WebEx also makes it possible for conference attendees to connect through their mobile phones and tablets while remaining able to view shared documentation.

Cisco Jabber Guest video browser (coming soon)

Wouldn't it be great to collaborate with anyone with a computer or mobile device that has a good internet connection and an integrated web camera, microphone and speaker? We will be making that happen. Contact us for more information.

Interconnecting Cisco TelePresence and Cisco WebEx